2019 - 2020  Tuition & Fees

Nursery 5-Full days (to 5:30pm) $9400
PK2/PK3 5-Half Flex days $7450
PK2/PK3/PK4 5-Full days $8800
Kindergarten $9350
1st-5th Grade $9750
Middle School (6th-8th Grade) $9950

FEES . . .

~ Registration Fee (New Students Only, NON-REFUNDABLE) - $100
~ New Student Online Application Processing Fee (NON-REFUNDABLE) - $20
~ Current Student Online Re-enrollment Processing Fee(NON-REFUNDABLE) - $10
~ Waitlist Online Application Processing Fee (NON-REFUNDABLE) - $25

~ Facility Fee (All Students, NON-REFUNDABLE) - $225
~ Security Fee (All Students, NON-REFUNDABLE) - $100
~ Service Fee for Changing Tuition Plan (PK2-PK3, NON-REFUNDABLE) - $200

~ Activity Fee (Nursery-Kindergarten, NON-REFUNDABLE) - $125
~ Activity Fee (Grades 1-5, NON-REFUNDABLE) - $175
~ Activity Fee (Grades 6-8, NON-REFUNDABLE) - $275

OPTIONAL ATHLETIC FEE (Elementary-Middle School) - $100
Athletic fees will be assessed for each individual sport played by each student.

All deposits and fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.*


Tuition payments:
- Monthly payments (June-April) due through the FACTS Tuition Management Program


A non-refundable tuition deposit is required to secure a class space for every student entering BCS. The NON-REFUNDABLE deposit rate for 2019-2020 is $750 and will be applied to your tuition balance for the school year.


All families enrolling students at BCS are required to sign a tuition contract each year. This contract is a legal, binding agreement between BCS and the family. Student enrollment is not complete until the tuition contract is signed and the deposit paid. All acceptances are on a conditional basis for the first semester as we aim to ensure that the school and student are a fit.


All families wishing to pay in monthly installments must register with FACTS. There is a set-up fee of $50 per family. Several payment options are available. Please see the FACTS brochure for more information.


Bethany accepts "Step Up For Students" scholarships. Please click here to learn more.


Bethany Christian School Aftercare Punch Card Procedures

Bethany Christian School offers Aftercare services for those unable to pick up their children during dismissal. At 3:15 PM (or as soon as dismissal is complete), all remaining students will be escorted to the respective Aftercare locations. In an effort to ensure personalized attention and student safety, the preschool, elementary, and middle school students will gather in separate locations. Typically, preschool students will gather in the preschool wing; elementary students will gather in the Fellowship Hall; and middle school students will gather in the media center (next to the playground).

After attendance is taken, students will spend roughly 30-40 minutes reading quietly or completing homework assignments. Staff members will circulate among the students to assist them with any needs. Afterward, weather permitting, the students will be provided with an outlet to have fun and to play together.

Without a punch card, the Aftercare service costs $20 per child each day. Families with three or more children will not be charged more than $40 per day. Aftercare will begin on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 and end on Thursday, May 31, 2018.

The Aftercare program hours are 3:15 P.M. – 5:30 P.M. If a child is picked up before 3:30 P.M., there will not be a charge. Aftercare is not available on early dismissal days, when school is not in session (i.e. teacher workdays), holidays or when the school is closed. If a child is not picked up by 3:15 P.M., he/she will automatically go into the Aftercare program until the parent arrives.

  • Please be diligent to pick up your children prior to 5:30 PM. For every minute that a parent is late, a $1.00 fee will be assessed.

    Aftercare Punch Card Policy & Pricing
    Bethany has created a punch card system to assist families throughout the school year. Punch cards may be purchased at the Front Office (8th Street entrance). Payment is due in full upon purchase of the card. A family must purchase a card with a minimum block of five or more punch slots on it. The prices are as follows:

    ~ 5 punches= $100.00 / 10 punches= $200.00 / 30 punches= $600.00
    ~ 1st Qtr. (41 punches) 7% discount = $762.60 (Save $57.40)
    ~ 2nd Qtr. (40 punches) 7% discount= $744.00 (Save $56.00)
    ~ 1st Semester (81 punches) 15% discount= $1377.00 (save $243.00)
    ~ 3rd Qtr. (49 punches) 7% discount= $911.40 (Save $68.60)
    ~ 4th Qtr. (37 punches) 7% discount= $688.20 (Save $51.80)
    ~ 2nd Semester (86 punches) 15% discount = $1462.00 (Save $258.00)
    ~ Full Year (165 punches) 25% discount= $2475 (Save $825.00)

  • Punch cards designated for a school quarter or semester can be rolled over into the next school quarter or semester until used up.

  • Once a card is purchased it becomes NON-REFUNDABLE. The card is good for the entire school year, but expires on the last full day of school. Any punches remaining on the card at the end of the year become null and void and are non-refundable.

  • Each day that a child uses the aftercare program, it will serve as one punch, and the facilitator will record the date on the punch card. Punch cards will be kept with the Aftercare teacher on duty.

  • The card is for use by one family only and is non-transferable. Each child, who stays in the Aftercare program, will use one punch card (e.g. 2 children equals 2 punches). Each additional child in that family will not be charged.

  • Children who are enrolled in extracurricular programs may use the punch to stay after the dismissal of the activity. Please note there is a 15 minute grace period to pick children up once the extracurricular program has ended.


Tuition payments and fees are subject to a $30.00 returned check charge. If tuition becomes 30 days delinquent, a student will be asked to withdraw from BCS until all accounts are brought up to date. If accounts are not brought up to date, BCS reserves the right to withhold all student records and deny admission to the student for the next school year.

In hardship situations, arrangements may be made prior to delinquency penalization. Forthrightness and open communication are helpful and appreciated.


BCS hires faculty, purchases supplies, and makes other financial commitments on an annual basis determined largely by the reliabilty of enrollment contracts. Upon a student withdrawing from BCS for any reason, tuition is due and payable through the end of that semester. A semester constitutes the first two quarters or last two quarters of the school year. Please see school calendar for semester dates.


If a student applies for admission after June 1 and before the first day of the school year, all missed payments must be paid before the student is considered officially enrolled. For students applying for admission after the school year has begun, a prorated tuition rate will be assessed on a quarterly basis.

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