Sports, in general, are an integral part of growing and learning as a student. Incorporating fun with team-building exercise increases social development and promotes general good health.


Sports Season Start Dates:

Fall Season - Aug. 22         Winter I Season - Oct. 16        Winter II Season - Jan. 3        Spring Season - Mar. 6

Elementary Sports Program & Athletic Training


There are opportunities for our Elementary students (grades 2-5) to participate in our sports program. Depending on the level of interest, the following sports are offered each year.  

  • Girls Volleyball (grades 3-5 / Fall)

  • Cross Country (grades 3-5 / Fall)

  • Girls Basketball (grades 3-5 / Winter I)

  • Boys Soccer (grades 2-5 / Winter I)

  • Boys Basketball (grades 3-5 / Winter II)

  • Girls Soccer (grades 2-5 / Winter II)

  • Track & Field (grades 2-5 / Winter II)

  • Flag Football (grades 3-5 / Spring)

  • Swimming (grades 2-5 / Spring)


Middle School Athletic Teams

Bethany sponsors competitive sports teams for all Middle School students. BCS regularly fields teams in the following sports: 

  • Flag Football (Fall / 2016 SSAL Champions)

  • Girls Volleyball (Fall / 2016 SSAL Champions)

  • Cross Country (Fall)

  • Boys Soccer (Winter I)

  • Girls Basketball (Winter I)

  • Boys Basketball (Winter II)

  • Girls Soccer (Winter II)

  • Track & Field (Winter II)

  • Swimming (Spring)


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PK-5th Grade Physical Education

In addition to daily time on our playground for recess, each of our preschool and elementary students will benefit from physical education (P.E.) classes. In addition to fitness training and learning the basics of various sports, our introduction of unique activities (e.g. The Math Game, Habitat Relays, and Spanish Hula Hoops) seeks to create synergy with our classroom curriculum and helps in the overall development of your child. P.E. classes are held inside our air-conditioned gymnasium. During cooler months, Bethany's outdoor courts are utilized and enjoyed. 

Throughout history, the best models of education have always understood the importance of physical training and athletic competition. These elements can help to play a crucial role in the development of a child. Here at Bethany Christian School, our P.E. classes are structured around character development, personal health, and fitness training.  

Games & Activities 
We accomplish the goals of our physical education program by incorporating games and fun challenges that aim to encourage our students to remain active and healthy outside of school. Our games and competitions teach the importance of sharing, teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship and having lots of fun!