From kindergarten on, our students benefit from a strong reading and spelling program combined with exciting literature, projects and activities. Also introduced is a challenging math program. In addition to the core courses of math, reading and language arts, we integrate science, social studies/history and Bible study into our core curriculum from the earliest elementary years.

As our students advance through the elementary grades, they benefit from challenging, age-appropriate curriculum that encourages independent thinking and personal growth. Strong reading and writing skills are regularly honed through incentive reading programs, book reports, essays, journals, and assignments in other subject areas. Bethany utilizes various programs, like Accelerated Reader and Khan Academy, to ensure that each student is being challenged at their respective level of ability. 

Hands-on science experiments, long-term projects, intramural competitions, and educational field trips all reinforce the elementary academic curriculum. Bethany teachers consistently strive to inject fun and relevancy into their teaching. 

Bethany utilizes a wide range of secular and Christian curriculum for its students' needs, including such well-known names as Saxon Math, SuperKids, Shurley English, Writer’s Workshop, Project Passport, and The Well Trained Mind. Curriculum resources for every subject are reviewed in 5-year cycles, with a different subject reviewed each year. This is led by an independent curriculum specialist and ensures a systematic acquisition of the most up-to-date curriculum available. Guidance for BCS benchmarks and standards is derived by an independent review process, comparable to other private schools and Florida State Standards.


Elementary Highlights

  • Full-time aide in classroom.
  • Full academic day.
  • Varied creative and traditional learning experiences.
  • Hands-on curriculum.
  • Phonetic and whole-language reading program.
  • Independent work along with small and large group settings.
  • Print-rich environment.
  • Interactive circle times.
  • Educational visits from community friends.
  • Curriculum related field trips (e.g., Flamingo Gardens).
  • Weekly Art, Library, Computer, PE, Music and Spanish classes.
  • "The First Thanksgiving" play; parental and school-wide attendance.
  • Classroom Thanksgiving feast.
  • Christmas and Spring musical performances.
  • "100 Days" Celebration
  • Junior Field Day
  • End-of-the-Year celebration
First Grade
  • Aide in classroom.
  • Phonetic-based reading and spelling program.
  • Manipulative math program.
  • Hands-on science and social studies themes.
  • Daily Reading Centers, including differentiated reading instruction to practice fluency and comprehension, phonics reinforcement, and technology based reading practive.
  • Handwriting reinforcement.
  • Curriculum based field trip to a strawberry farm.
  • "Veggie Intervention" Day
  • Daily recess on playground.
  • Classroom iPad learning time.
  • Hands-on "baby chick hatching" experience.
  • Specials classes include library, computer, PE, music, Spanish and art.
  • Christmas and Spring musical performances.
  • Holiday parties
  • International Day
  • "50's Days" celebration
  • "101 Days" celebration
Second Grade
  • Full-time aide split between two (2) second grade classrooms.
  • Focus on the writing process.
  • Novel studies to connect with Science and Social Studies Units.
  • Study of Animal Habitats.
  • Study of Ancient Egypt & Greece Civilizations.
  • Flat Stanley Project
  • Students create and present dioramas, posters and other interactive presentations.
  • Hands-on Science experiments.
  • Hands-on Math Manipulative used several times a week.
  • Library, Drama, Computer, PE, Music, Choir, Art, and Spanish
  • Book Character Parade
  • Polar Express Day!
Third Grade
  • Novel studies
  • Writers Workshop
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Math Manipulatives used as hands-on tools to assist during lessons.
  • Hands-on Science experiments, including cooking in a solar oven and making "Oobleck".
  • Interactive History Units on the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Reformation.
  • Fall character parade in conjunction with biography book report.
  • Manuscript handwriting review and introduction to cursive.
  • Bible units on Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, and 2 Kings.
  • Pumpkin, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, and year-end parties.
  • Enrichment: Computer, Library, PE, Music, Choir, Art, Spanish, and Drama.
  • Field Trips -- vary yearly
Fourth Grade
  • Florida state notebook project in conjunction with Social Studies curriculum.
  • Annual three-day field trip to St. Augustine.
  • In-class Science experiments performed in conjunction with Science curriculum.
  • Poetry Reading "Coffeehouse" where students share their poems from the year.
  • Class novels that are discussed in Reading.
  • Book Character Parade in October.
  • iMovie Project on iPads showing forces and motion.
  • Explorer Project using online research.
  • Biography Book Projects where students go through the writing process.
  • Study of Old Testament Prophets and how they point to Jesus.
  • Learning the origin and meaning of the Greek and Latin root of words.
  • Weekly Centers using hands-on learning, small group instruction, and technology to review concepts.
Fifth Grade
  • Quarterly AR Goals and individual levels assessed.
  • Fall Character Parade.
  • Research projects and essays completed via Internet research and other sources.
  • Multi-level Math groups.
  • Math lessons integrated with technology.
  • Essay writing (expository, narrative, persuasive, informational, creative, and reading responses).
  • Math Manipulatives used as hands-on tools to assist during lessons.
  • Hands-on Science experiments in conjunction with curriculum.
  • In-class novels integrated into the curriculum.
  • Live History Museum project.
  • Annual Field Day.
  • Life of Jesus studied throughout the school year.

Elementary Teachers