The Mustard Seed Campaign

The mission and vision for The Mustard Seed Campaign is to go on a spiritual journey together as a church and school. It's about changed lives. We will come together around this shared mission to grow the resources God has provided for the purpose of changing lives and planting seeds. A seed, that when planted, will continue to provide a sanctuary for future generations. Ongoing space needs beyond religious education and scheduling issues continue to impact our growth potential. 



New Ingram Center and Facility Upgrades

A two story, 10,000 sf multi-use building and activity center that will provide flexible space with administrative co-working space on second floor creating greater efficiencies


School Funding & Financial Assistance

Our vision is to make the gift of Christian education accessible to more children and continue to provide a quality Christian education.


Campus & Technology Upgrades

Continual upgrades and expansion in technology, fine arts, and around campus in order to better serve our students.


Mustard Seed Status

We need to raise a formidable $3.6 million to transform our plans into reality. 
Thus far, we have received donations and pledges totaling $3.1 million

Thank you for your support! However, we still need your help to close the gap! 
  • $3.6 million

    $3.1 million

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