Impacting the world for
God's glory

We want our students to know the power of Christ's love and to share it with others. In a world of ever-shifting circumstances, we want them to find freedom in knowing that their identity is secure in Christ. Our students' spiritual training reaches beyond the classroom, providing our students with opportunities to learn firsthand how they can make a difference. With the gospel, students grow inwardly and reach outwardly through a wide variety of opportunities. Bethany Christian School's graduates, equipped with a formidable and well-balanced foundation, leave prepared to make a significant impact in their world.

Spiritual Growth


Our Annual Theme

The theme for the year is “Secure in Christ,” and the selected Bible verse for this theme is Nehemiah 8:10b.

"The joy of the Lord is your strength.”

These simple eight words constitute one of the greatest promises in all of Scripture. Our greatest source of strength and security in this life is found in the fact that God delights in His relationship with us, and this is no mild measure of joy. Zephaniah tells us that our God takes “great delight in you,” and He “rejoices over you with singing” (Zephaniah 3:17). We believe that this is a message that today’s children need — perhaps more than ever! In an age overrun with distorted presentations of reality (e.g. social media), young people are confronted by insecurities of all kinds. It is a great comfort for them to know that our infinitely wise God has set their unique worth at the cost of His own life. The Bible teaches that Jesus endured the cross for the “joy set before Him.” What sort of joy could be found in facing the cross? The joyous prospect of our eternal redemption fueled every one of Jesus’ steps on the road to Calvary! The Lord treasures each of our students far beyond their wildest imaginations. In a difficult and ever-changing world, we can find no greater source of strength, security, or comfort than knowing that we are utterly secure in the love of Christ, and no circumstance can ever change that reality!