Bethany to reopen on Thursday, September 14th

An Email From the Headmaster

Hello BCS Families!

I hope this email finds you well and safe! I am typing this from my phone at home with a generator symphony in the background! Yesterday, we announced that Bethany Christian School will be reopening tomorrow on Thursday, September 14. 

We are opening our doors earlier than the public schools in order to serve our families in this stressful season. If you have evacuated from the area, or do not yet feel safe venturing onto the local roadways, please know that any absences will be excused for both Thursday and Friday. 

Our primary goals in opening are (1) to partner with our parents who need to return to work and/or focus on making repairs at home, (2) to allow our students to return to a sense of normalcy after a very stressful week, (3) to provide a safe, productive, and air-conditioned environment for our students, and (4) to limit the make up days that would otherwise extend into the summer months. 

Typically, we follow the Broward County School District, which will not reopen schools until Monday. However, they have postponed their reopenings, partly because they cannot open individual schools based on each particular school's readiness. As a smaller school, we are ready to open our doors to help and alleviate some of the stress our families are experiencing during this time. 

Please make a note of the following:

(1) Thursday and Friday will be "free" casual days to assist families without means of doing laundry. Donations will not be collected at the doors.

(2) Use extra caution in driving to school. Not all of Broward's traffic lights are restored. Non-functioning traffic lights should be treated as a four-way stop. 

(3) We please ask that you do NOT park your cars outside of the Bethany campus. We cannot guarantee safe conditions outside of our campus, nor do we want to interfere with our neighbors' clean up efforts. In particular, please do not park in the Fred Hunter's parking lot as it has a large power pole down in the back of the building. We need to keep that area clear so the utility trucks may move freely for repairs. 

(4) Please be patient with us during dismissal. Many yards may be filled with debris. Do not block oncoming traffic while in the car line. 

(5) If you are unable to provide a meal for your child at this point, we will provide a lunch (TBD) free of charge for your children on Thursday and/or Friday. Please CLICK HERE to sign up. However, a snack will not be provided.

(6) We will be diligent to ensure students are not at a disadvantage for missing Thursday's or Friday's lessons. We will not be assigning homework, and we will be extra gracious with any missed class work. 

(7) Earlycare and Aftercare will be available as usual on Thursday and Friday.  However, all afterschool sports and extracurricular activities will be cancelled for the remainder of the week.

Safety comes first! While we hope to see you Thursday, please do not make any heroic efforts to be here. We are praising the Lord for his mercies to our school, our church, and our families! 

In Christ, 

Sam Kastensmidt
Head of School
Bethany Christian School