Bethany Graduates Rank in Top 5%

We would like to extend a well-deserved congratulations to Bethany's graduating class of 2017! According to the results of this past April's ITBS exams, our 8th grade students significantly outperformed the national average. In their overall composite scores, our 8th grade class ranked in the top 5% of all eighth grade classes nationwide — with our average student demonstrating a grade equivalency on par with the nation’s average college freshman.

In comparison to other 8th grade classes throughout the nation, our students scored in the top 1% in science, the top 4% in reading comprehension, the top 7% in language arts, the top 4% in mathematical problem solving, and the top 11% in social studies. Of the 22 graduating 8th grade students, a stunning eighteen of them demonstrated collegiate-level ability in one or more subjects, and ten students scored at the collegiate level in their overall composite scores. Sixteen of the 22 graduates were recipient's of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Education, and a majority of them are members of the National Junior Honor Society. 

Congratulations to the class of 2017! You are loved, and you will be sorely missed.